Department of Housing uses Ephesoft to Auto-Classify Millions of Documents

The Department of Housing (now Department of Communities), has over 1,600 staff in 42 locations, delivering affordable, quality housing working with private, government and non-profit partners. The agency provides housing for people who would otherwise struggle to rent or buy. The Department manages over 36,000 properties, that provides homes for more than 64,000 Western Australians, making it the biggest landlord in Western Australia.

Because of its scale, the Department’s automated systems generate, create and store millions of documents annually. Six million of these letters and notices sent to their tenants were archived in HP Enterprise Content Manager (ECM) without containment or classification. The lack of containment prevented easy viewing when looking at individual property files and the lack of classification required permanent retention, thereby increasing costs to manage records and support associated infrastructure.

“It was a challenging, painful and costly process that we had been trying to resolve for years, so we turned to PAG for help,” explained Sheryl Gourdis, Manager Corporate Information at the Housing Authority. PAG’s deep knowledge of document data extraction enabled them to automatically classify all the documents and integrate all the required platforms including NEC Northgate, HPE Content Manager, Kofax TotalAgility, Microsoft BizTalk & Ephesoft Transact.

“Our process is more efficient, faster and we can easily find documents so we can better serve our staff,” said Gourdis. “PAG quickly implemented the system and provided us with great service and training. They had experience with eliminating manual processes…, which fit our needs and budget.”

PAG has worked with the Housing Authority for several years and has advised them on other business improvement processes.