Digital Transformation

Transform business processes from paper based to completely digital

Reduce Operational Expenses By 25%

By removing paper from a business process, operating expenses can be reduced by as much as 25% (including a reduction of 60-70% of records management costs)1.

How It Works

Digital Transformation has many benefits including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction, engagement & loyalty2
  • Increase in efficiency across a business processes
  • Increased compliance
  • Improved visibility & accuracy

It’s important to invest in the right initiatives and ensure your organisation is ready for digital transformation3,4. PAG’s experience will ensure that your digital transformation initiative is feasible, your organisation is set up to succeed and your initiatives provide the quickest ROI possible.


All organisations have a requirement to on-board new customers.


  • Customer fills out paper forms
  • Customer gets ID verified or provides over the counter
  • Customers phone and email to request updates
  • Back-office staff manually key data into multiple systems
  • Back-office staff return invalid forms/documents for resubmission


  • Customers can choose their preferred communication methods (online, mobile, paper, over the counter)
  • Invalid information can not be submitted by customers
  • Any paper documents are digitised and required data extracted
  • Data is automatically entered into all systems
  • Customers have full visibility and automated notifications of on-boarding progress
  • Back-office staff only deal with exceptions

Procure to Pay

Our procure to pay solution provides full control and visibility of all procurement activities through to completion of payment


  • Training in complex financial systems required
  • Non-compliance and fraud occur due to lack of control and visibility
  • Significant exception handling
  • Work is allocated ad-hoc
  • Vendors continually phone and email


  • Simple consistent interface for all users
  • Fully compliant
  • Users are unable to provide invalid data that would lead to exceptions
  • Work is allocated automatically to the right person at the right time
  • Vendors have visibility of the progress of their invoices


We evaluate numerous technologies and select only the best digital transformation platform to be included in our solutions


  • Multi-channel capture
  • Business Process Management
  • Adaptive Case Management
  • Advanced Data Integration
  • Process Intelligence & Analytics
  • eSignature
  • Customer Communications Management


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