Accelerated digital transformation

Struggling to start, moving too slowly or spending too much?

We have the experience and technology to get you rapid results

How we work

We listen to your goals and the problems you face

Our focus is on early and regular delivery of benefits

We use our experience and select the right technologies to recommend the best path forward

All of which helps you avoid projects that take too long to deliver, cost too much and are likely to fail

Our technologies

Work Management

Capture people and process data as a by-product of users working and use advanced algorithms to identify significant productivity improvements - at least 20% guaranteed

Robotic Process Automation

Bots are far more efficient than people at routine admin tasks.

They're quick to develop, provide ROI in weeks and work 24/7 with 100% accuracy


Most businesses end up cutting and pasting data between systems. We can automate this for you, improving accuracy and complying to standards.

Intelligent Automation

Bots are great at routine tasks, but to perform judgements we need to augment them with AI. Our intelligent automation tools can do this for you.

BPMS / Workflow

If you want to manage a process from end-to-end, then this is the technology you require. Our platform can be applied to any process and is particulalry useful where you need to demonstrate compliance with policy and procedures.


If you still receive paper documents or have an historical archive, we can help to transform these from paper to actionable data

What our clients say

P&N Bank

Jill Marks
P&N Bank

Our partnership with Process Automation Group is helping us improve both our customer experience and operational efficiency, while making our colleagues' lives easier.

Burgess Rawson

Chris Sparrow
Burgess Rawson

Picking the right partner made the most difference in the success of the implementation of our digital transformation strategy.

Government of Western Australia

Sheryl Gourdis
Manager Corporate Information
Department of Communities

Process Automation Group quickly implemented the system and provided us with great service and training. They had experience with eliminating manual processes and fit our needs and budget.

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