Robotic Process Automation

Free up humans by having repetitive or low value tasks done automatically

30-200% ROI in the first year

Replace repetitive, labour intensive and low value tasks done by humans with software robots.

Implementing robotic process automation increases available human capacity, increases reliability & compliance and improves service levels.

How It Works

Software robots perform tasks such as opening applications, interpreting information, manipulating data and moving files as though a human is doing them. However, robots have many benefits over humans such as:

  • robots are significantly faster than humans
  • robots work 24/7
  • robots are always 100% accurate

Home Loan Processing

Financial institutions have many repetitive tasks labour intensive tasks that must be performed, but are low value when processing a home loan application e.g.

  • AML/CTF checks
  • Verification of land titles
  • Valuations of security
Each individual task above for a single application takes a human over 10 minutes

Software robots can automatically:

  • log in to AML/CTF portals, search for the applicant(s) and notify humans when there is a problem with an applicant
  • log in to state government portals, search for, retrieve, read and verify land titles
  • log in to vendor portals, order the required valuation, read the valuation report and flag applications that don’t meet risk and lending criteria
A robot perform dozens of the tasks above per minute

Spreadsheet Reconciliation

Most organisations have many spreadsheets that take data from one or more systems and manipulate it for use in reporting or for data entry into another system. For example:

  • Downloading/exporting spreadsheet
  • Manipulating data
  • Generating reports
  • Keying data into another system
Humans are prone to errors when manipulating or keying data

Any task related to retrieving, parsing and manipulating reports or spreadsheets can be automated with software robots.

Robots are always 100% accurate


We evaluate numerous robotic technologies and select only the best to be included in our solutions.

Kofax is the only solution where robots are run on a centralised server and does not require virtual desktop infrastructure.


  • Centrally controlled robots
  • Interact with web, thick client, Java, SAP, Oracle etc
  • All robots automatically have restful APIs published
  • Easy to use robot builder
  • Lowest infrastructure costs

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