Work Management

Visibility & control of your operations

Guaranteed 20%+ productivity gains

Process improvement projects are expensive and take a significant amount of time. Our solution is implemented quickly, providing complete visibility and control of your operations across the entire organisation. ROI in achieved within 3 months with continuing opportunities for improvement provided automatically.

How It Works

There are two typical approaches to improving operations:

  1. Implement a process improvement methodology such as Lean Six Sigma
  2. Automate business processes end-to-end with technologies such as

Both approaches require a significant up front investment in time, human resources and money before a project can begin. Even in the best case scenario, any benefit does not begin to be realised for months, if not years.

Our solution automatically:

  • Tracks all instances of work across an organisation
  • Records the tasks users perform and the order they perform them in
  • Records the timing of each set of tasks performed
  • Alerts management instantly when there is an abnormal piece of work
  • Maps business processes as users do the work
  • Provides a heat map of which activities are consuming the most time or money
  • Allows management to monitor, configure and tune their operations
  • Allocates work to users based on a sliding scale set of prioritisation criteria set by management such as:
    • clear backlog
    • minimise re-familiarisation
    • skill development

Use the heat map with robotic process automation to remove high frequency and time consuming tasks and further increase productivity.



  • The only work management software that doesn’t require manual data entry
  • Complete visibility of all work, each individual and team
  • Intelligent notifications of abnormalities
  • Per-case subscription based licensing

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